The Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organization, which depends on its fundraising campaigns to balance its operating budget and maintain program fees at a reasonable level. Fundraising helps the gymnasts train in a safe and clean gym and also helps to keep the fees down.

Our fundraisers for the new year are listed below.  This gives you something to look forward to with new products to sell.  Thank you to all of our supporters in helping us reaching our fundraising goals.

Bottle Drives – Our competitive athletes do bottle drives throughout the year in Airdrie.  Keep an eye out for the next date.  Bottles can also be brought to a designated drop-off location if you would like to help.

Simply Delicious (Cookie Dough and more) – Selling cookie dough and other pre-made ready to bake delights.  This fundraiser will run from September to October.

Purdy’s Chocolate – Selling Purdy’s chocolates.  Available in single boxes of chocolates as well as various gift baskets.  This fundraiser will run from November to December.

Kernels Popcorn – Selling pre-popped bags of popcorn.  This fundraiser will run from November to December.

Mom’s Pantry – Selling kitchenware items.  This fundraiser will run from January to February.

Spolumbos – Selling various sausages as well as hamburgers.  This fundraiser will run from May to June.  Pick-up for the Spolumbo’s fundraiser is at 6:00 p.m. in the hallway at Genesis Place across from the soccer fields

Fresh New Ideas – Selling all sorts of fun everyday items from garden tools, kitchenware, organizational items, and even jewellery.  This fundraiser will run throughout the month of March.

Gym-Athon – Athletes fill out pledge forms for a number of gymnastics skills that they can complete in a minute.  This fundraiser is run once per session throughout the year.