Canadian Gymnastics Week
Feb 18 – Feb 24 all-day

Sunday, February 18 – SPRINGS #GymWeekSprings

Spring into a week of gymnastics!

Monday, February 19 – STATIC POSITIONS #GymWeekStatics

Show us your best ‘Freeze’ with your family!

Tuesday, February 20 – SWINGS #GymWeekSwings

Show us your most creative swings!

Wednesday, February 21 – LANDINGS #GymWeekLandings

Stick it!

Thursday, February 22 – LOCOMOTIONS #GymWeekLocomotions

Come on gymnasts, do a locomotion!

Friday, February 23 – OBJECT MANIPULATION #GymWeekObjects

Show us your best tricks – with hoops, balls, and sticks!

Saturday, February 24 – ROTATIONS #GymWeekRotations

Let’s tumble into the weekend!