In an effort to make it easier to search for a class, we have created five separate categories: Early Learners (Pre-School), CanGym, CanJump, Freestyle, and Gymnastics for Life

Early Learners

The Early Learners category encompasses the Gymbaby, Supertot, Dinosaurs to Superstars, and Kindersonic Academy classes.

• Gymbaby is for gymnasts who are walking to 23 months and is fully parented. Gymbaby is all about inspiration and discovery in a gymnastics environment. There is also a strong emphasis on developing physical literacy for these gymnasts.
• Our Supertot classes are age 24 months to under 4 years. Supertots practice gymnastics basics along with other useful skills such as climbing, throwing, catching, and kicking. This is an adult-assisted class and although many of the older Supertots are capable of being on their own we still require each participant to have their own adult on the floor to assist and really challenge these little athletes.
• Dinosaurs to Superstars class is for gymnasts aged 4 to under 6 years. Children attend on their own and work on gymnastics skills, imaginative activities, and tricky challenges.
• The Kindersonic Academy is for gymnastics age 4 to under 6 years, with a prerequisite of completing the Kinderstar level equivalent to CanGym 2. Kindersonic Academy continues from Dinosaurs to keep our Early Learners progressing.

Only registered participants are supervised by the club and covered by insurance. Any other children (siblings, etc) must be entirely off the gymnastics floor in the waiting or viewing areas. This includes babies in slings, car seats, strollers, etc.


CanGym is for gymnasts aged 6 years and up. The CanGym category is about the traditional/artistic events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, Floor, and Parallel Bars. Gymnastics is a fun and useful sport whether you are cross-training, want to go to higher levels, or are interested in becoming more acrobatic. Boys and girls practice the same skills in these levels.


CanJump is for gymnasts aged 6 years and up. The CanJump category is about the three trampoline events: Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT). CanJump builds skills, training habits, endurance, balance, strength, perseverance, and safety skills in a high-flying sport.

Freestyle Gymnastics

Freestyle is for gymnasts aged 6 years and up. The Freestyle class is a multi-movement challenge that develops rapid decision-making skills. Parkour techniques of traveling over, under, and around obstacles are intensified through the mastery of gymnastics tips and tricks. Apparatuses can include: Bars, Tumbling, Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline, Walls, and a variety of interesting things to vault over.

Gymnastics for Life

Gymnastics For Life encompasses Aerial Arts classes and Handsprings & Flips classes.

• The Aerial Arts class is in an introduction to the fundamental skills and training habits of aerial acrobatics.
• The Handspring & Flips class works to develop and extend five key tumbling skills: handstand, frontspring, backspring, front tuck, and back tuck. Other skills (hurdle, round-off, aerial cartwheel, dive roll) are included according to the skill-level of the participants.