Mission Statement

At Airdrie Edge Gymnastics, we support families, club, and community uniting to support athletes in their endeavour to exceed expectations in sport and in life.

Core Values

Challenge – Be the best that you can be; personally, athletically, and professionally

Learning – Learn from yesterday’s mistakes, look forward to tomorrow’s lessons, and always look at what is in front of you now

Respect – Always respect the difficulty in sport, respect yourself, and respect others

Commitment – To creativity and learning, dedication, and respect for your club, self, and coaches, and to supporting and giving back to your community

Discipline – Understanding, empowering, and demonstrating a high degree of self control, motivation, and work ethic in sport and in life

Integrity – Setting a high standard for personal and club conduct and committing to that standard even when faced with difficult situations

 Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club Bylaws