Requirements: Age 6+, CanJump Lv 4 Pass or higher, coach evaluation

The CanJump Interclub program is for hard working, dedicated athletes who want to add a performance aspect to their trampoline & tumbling gymnastics experience. Athletes in CanJump interclub will train 2x per week for 2 hours to further enhance their technical skills, create individualized routines, and learn the mental skills necessary to perform their routines in front of an audience.

Entry into the program is by evaluation. Please arrange a time by calling 403-948-7769 or emailing

CanJump Interclub (Trampoline, Tumbling, Double-Mini) requires a CanJump Level 4 Pass or higher.

Interclub is not a part of the Competitive programming here at Airdrie Edge. While Interclub has the potential to be a valuable step, it is not a necessary stepping stone in pursuing a competitive career; nor does being in the Interclub program secure/guarantee your athlete a spot in the Competitive program.

If you are interested in Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) please contact head coach Jamie Atkin at