Group Workshops

At the Airdrie Edge, we inspire participants with structured yet thrilling workshops, tailored to their ages and interests.

What equipment is available?

Among the many pieces of equipment that the Airdrie Edge has to offer, you will also get to try the pit, our many various tumbling surfaces, the ledge, and the air floors.
We strongly encourage safe practice. Coaches supervise all aspects of the workshop, and expectations are clearly outlined at the beginning of the session.

Activities can include a variety of the many artistic gymnastics apparatuses (vault, bars, beam, floor, rings, parallel bars, pommels), air floors, or parkour.
If you are not sure what you would like to incorporate in your workshop, we can make suggestions based on what past groups have enjoyed.

Who enjoys workshops?

We have taught school groups from Kindergarten to Grade 12, we have had community groups celebrating the post-season, we have done corporate family parties, and we have also had adventurous groups of adults.

Workshops are typically 60 to 90 minutes long. Depending on availability, we can accommodate longer sessions or create a workshop series.

Contact the front office and you can start making plans.